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Enactus, an international non-profit organization, brings together students, academic advisors, and corporate executives in order to develop entrepreneurial ventures that address social, economic, and environmental concerns. The name "Enactus" is a combination of the words "Entrepreneurial," "Action," and "Us," signifying the organization's emphasis on using entrepreneurial action to improve communities.

Enactus runs student-led teams in universities and colleges all around the world. These teams evaluate the needs of the community and propose projects that apply business concepts to produce sustainable solutions. The projects can cover a variety of topics, including eradicating poverty, increasing access to education, preserving the environment, empowering women, and more.


Every year, teams from Enactus participate in regional, national, and worldwide competitions to present their work and its effects on local communities. Teams can network with corporate executives, get recognised for their efforts, and potentially get funding to advance their projects by participating in these competitions.

Students have a platform through Enactus to use their knowledge, abilities, and entrepreneurial mindset to develop creative initiatives that benefit society. Students gain leadership, cooperation, and business skills while improving their communities through these projects.


Enactus BRAC, the social entrepreneurship society of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar College brings together students to create entrepreneurial projects that address social, economic, and environmental challenges.

Enactus students gain valuable hands-on experience, develop leadership and business skills, and make a difference in society and fosters a global community of socially responsible leaders who believe in the power of entrepreneurship to create meaningful change.


What we do

It was established in 2017 and is presently working on two projects namely, Project Kumbhkaar and Project Roohaniyat.

Project Kumbhkaar seeks to empower the underprivileged by giving marginalised and poor local artisans a platform to sell their crafts, Project Roohaniyat seeks to empower the transgender community by giving them a source of income while also fostering sustainable entrepreneurship by creating eco-friendly products.

Enactus envisions a world where young leaders everywhere use innovation and business skills to ensure that all people thrive in a sustainable world.


Enactus is a network of leaders committed to using business as a catalyst for positive social and environmental impact. We educate, inspire, and support young people to use innovation and entrepreneurship to solve the world's biggest problems.

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