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Project Kumbhkaar: From and For Every Home is a student-driven project under Enactus BRAC, University of Delhi.  We are dedicatedly working towards uplifting artisans and local craftsmen in Delhi. With a team of 51 passionate members, we are trying our best to make a positive impact by showcasing and selling their exquisite creations in mainstream markets. Kumbhkaar,  "shaping potteries made of mud" highlights our motive of reshaping the lives of craftsmen. The name puts in light the life of artisans, and their hard work in creating and shaping out the most beautiful handicrafts.

Pottery and Clay


Enactus Kumbhkaar, being a nonprofit organization, works in collaboration with NGOs and local businesses to create sustainable solutions for the community. One of the ways Enactus Kumbhkaar supports local NGOs and businesses is by working with them to develop and market handicraft products.

Enactus Kumbhkaar identifies local artisans and handicraft makers who may not have access to markets or opportunities to sell their products. The team then works with these artisans to develop products that are marketable and can generate income. They also help the artisans to improve their production techniques and quality of their products.


Once the products are ready, Enactus Kumbhkaar then works with local NGOs and businesses to sell the products. These products are marketed and sold at various events and exhibitions, including Enactus competitions, local fairs, and other events. The proceeds from the sales are then shared among the artisans and the NGOs involved in the project.


Through this approach, Enactus Kumbhkaar is able to support local NGOs and businesses while also promoting entrepreneurship and sustainable development in the community


We are proud to collaborate with several esteemed NGOs, including Taare Zameen Foundation, Sab Ki Pathshala, and World for Everyone. Together, we work towards supporting education, skill development, and social welfare initiatives for underprivileged communities.

You can find our unique products at popular marketplaces like Banjara Market and Delhi Haat Market, as well as various college festivals. By bringing these beautiful handcrafted items to a wider audience, we aim to empower the artisans and provide them with sustainable livelihood opportunities.



In October 2021, the ever-bustling Banjara Market in Gurgaon was demolished by the local government. Thousands of vendors lost their means of support and income. Keeping in mind the problems and challenges the populace was facing, Project Kumbhkaar came into existence. The aim of our initiative was to provide a source of income to these vendors by providing them a platform to digitalise their business. 


Then, we extended our project by introducing a new initiative, Project Meraki. Project Meraki was a new vertical of Project Kumbhkaar, the project was a collaboration with the NGO, JM Institute of Speech and Hearing Patna, Bihar under their Project Aasra. We introduced a variety of new products with the help of a group of unprivileged and differently abled women who have transformed their creative effort into creating beautifully handcrafted products. The products included a wide variety of laptop bags made out of jute, traditional and folk sling bags, clutches and face masks. Through this we made a sizable amount of money, which allowed us to achieve our goal of paying the artisans a living wage.


Since our project was progressing well, we thought of adding a new category. We then collaborated with a Delhi based NGO, Sabki Pathshala. The NGO housed a group of migrant women without a means of support and orphan children. In the first place, we started by making earrings. We provided them with skill-training programmes and the outcomes were spectacular. The earrings received a huge response when they were put on the market. We were happy to fulfill the promised deliverables to them. 


Recently, we have started an initiative in which we gather textile waste from the people of our society. Even local Delhi tailors and surrounding boutiques gave us their used textiles to gather. Then, with the help of our Sabki Pathshala NGO artisans, we created a variety of products through upcycling. The products featured phone covers, dog bows, bookmarks, and even earrings. We are still developing new products, and we intend to bring them out soon. 


Concerning our future goals, Project Kumbhkaar anticipates introducing Home Decor products in the project and we have started to work upon it.

Pottery Creations


To keep up with the level of our capability and enhance it further we have been participating in numerous events by setting up stalls to bring out the hidden creativity of our entrepreneurial women and expanding their customer base. We have generated a revenue of 80k and skilled 25  women entrepreneurs. Our constant participation in events have lead  us to quite a few encouragements  and magazine coverage. With our dedication and determination we wish to keep their vocational training and livelihood satisfied.


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Our products have a wide range, albeit in line with Kumbhkaar’s goals and vision.Our products serve both utilitarian purposes as well as aid in quality of life

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